About Us

Advocates 4 Breast Cancer emerged from the personal journeys of patients who faced breast cancer diagnoses, intense various chemotherapies, plus local (stages 0-2), regional (stage 3) and distant (stage 4) recurrences. We wanted to learn more about our disease especially stage 4 – the one that kills. Our organization is profoundly dedicated to fostering collaborations with patient advocates, oncologists, pharmaceutical professionals, and researchers. Collectively, we are steadfast in our pursuit to make a meaningful impact on the breast cancer epidemic.

We are passionate about supporting patient advocates by offering scholarships tailored for their exceptional dedication. It's heartbreaking to acknowledge that over 40,000 individuals will die of  Metastatic Breast Cancer in the United States this year alone. The loss of our loved ones is an enduring, profound ache.

Throughout our journey, we have taken immense pride in offering numerous scholarships to patient advocates, enabling them to participate in significant breast cancer symposiums and various related events. These experiences have been instrumental in fostering collaborations, empowering advocates to collectively work towards achieving enhanced treatment methods, improved outcomes and support systems.


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