Statement from the Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in Advocates for Breast Cancer, Inc. aka A4BC. We are a 501(3) C non-profit corporation formed by advocates.

Our video emphasizes the unfortunate statistics about death rates and breast cancer. We want to inspire hope so that we can extend life with quality of life while working towards a real cure. While there's so much more work to do, patient advocates are making a difference in how doctors and legislators react to what's needed. 

I founded this company with the help of many people starting with the vision to make a difference for everyone touched by breast cancer. When I received a scholarship from the NBCC to their LEAD program, I met incredible advocates, researchers, patients, and doctors all sharing science related to breast cancer. 

Every educational meeting including ASCO, the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), and advocacy meeting along with other orgazations inspired me to learn as much as I can about the breast cancer epidemic.

When we talk about educating the public about breast cancer this is not the "awareness" that is being saturated with pink products, advertising and lining the pockets of executives of large breast cancer organizations.  

A4BC is a place to unite as a community with every opinion heard whether we agree or not. 

Every breast cancer story matters. We must continue to support metastatic breast cancer research. prolong lives without horrible side effects from poisoning, slashing and burning, while we study ways to end this disease once and for all.  

There are many other cancers that need attention. The reason we are focused on breast cancer is because there are too many people dying from this disease.

Please join us and let your voice be heard!